Though at times throughout the advance north, Colbert’s vehicle goes on point for the entire battalion, placing its occupants at the very tip of the Coalition invasion, as the heat and fatigue delirium sets in, the undertaking sometimes feels like a family road trip. Colbert is the stern father figure. Person is like the mom, the communicator, trying to anticipate his needs, keeping spirits up with his cheerful banter. Garza and Trombley are the children, happily munching candy, eager to please their dad.

As team leader, Colbert controls every aspect of his men’s lives, down to their bodily functions

"Trombley," Colbert shouts, leaning over his rifle, watching his sector. "Are you drinking water?"

"Yes, Sergeant."

"Are you pissing?"

"At our last halt, Sergeant."

"Was it clear?"

"Yes, Sergeant."


Generation Kill, pg. 61

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